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Welcome to the

Levenshulme Bee Network Unofficial Resource! 

I'm so glad that you've found me.  I am part of the inspirational Levenshulme community

Please note I am not an advocate of and this is not the official Levenshulme Bee Network Site

Note also that the official site is not currently controlled by Manchester City Council

and the team who created the site have been removed from the project

As a community we were really struggling to engage properly with the Levenshulme Bee Network project team, with many questions remaining unanswered.  The intention was to publish any of our findings on this site to ensure people were aware of the potential problems we may have faced if this project went ahead as per the proposal.

Thankfully, Manchester City Council listened to our community and have extended the project timeline to allow more engagement with the community before the plans are implemented.

This site was/is really just to enable me to try to get everything together in one place, but feel free to register, and then you can comment on any articles or uploads, so, have your say, and if it helps you too, that's fine by me.

The site really is for everyone - for or against the plans Feel free to take part in the poll, and scroll down for links to the latest content. 

As the Levenshulme Bee Network official site is not controlled by Manchester City Council,  if you have any feedback, in respect of the project, please direct it either to your local councillor or via the commonplace website, which MCC do have access to.

You can access the commonplace website by clicking here.

Adrian Broderick