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This question has been noted as having been asked by the community twice in the current V2 version of the Questions & Answers Sheet.

The Question is in two forms:

1)   What is the Levenshulme Bee Network and

41) Who is on the project team? Who is doing what? Who makes the decisions?

Unfortunately, despite more than 6 paragraphs of response to these two questions, LBN have not found it possible to detail the project team.

So, here's what I know currently:

Pauline Johnston is co founder and on the team. (and a director at Station South) 

Abigail Pound is on the team (probably still working for sustrans). (and a director at Station South)

Peter O' Hare is a co-founder and on the team  (Now this one is a bit complicated.  He's an avid cyclist and tweets between him and Chris Boardman are rife on twitter.  I can't exactly work out what the connection is but Peter is extremely well connected to both Chris Boardman and Sustrans, probably through his experience with cycling, and hopefully nothing more sinister  edit: (how did I miss this : he works for Salford City Council! ) Oh my oh my......  

Their web page details advocates of the scheme as being "Our People" and include Helen Beesley, and Councillor Dzidra Noor, but then they also denote Henry Norman as one of their people but he is clearly working for Sustrans.

Then we have Andrew Crompton who is Project Lead for Manchester City Council Highways (sorry no link for him)

Jon Little of Bespoke Transport Consulting Limited (He worked with Sustrans on the Waltham Forest Project)

So let me summarize:  

TfGM and The Manchester Mayors fund have awarded £2.5million to a community led initiative which is actually led by Pauline Johnston and Abigail Pound, who are both directors of Station South (a cycling cafe development in Levenshulme,)  Peter O'Hare, a resident and keen cyclist of levenshulme/burnage, who just happens to work for a neighbouring council in the urban planning field, and then Henry Norman, who works for Sustrans and Jon Little a consultant who has worked with sustrans on previous projects.

It's a little bit confusing so I will make it simple.  Not a "residents" led initiative, but possibly just one heavily invested resident, a resident who works for sustrans (multi million pound charity that manages cycle routes)  and one cycling advocate who works for a council in the greater manchester area!   

Come on Manchester City Council - surely you have an ethics policy!!


Vested interests? Cronyism? Questionable ethics? Imagine my shock.