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Crime Rates

All about Crime Rates, please leave your comments below


So let me start this off.  

Government planning guidelines specifically warn about the potential for an increase in crime rates if pedestrians are separated from traffic, or if traffic is removed from pedestrians.

Although I appreciate the dangers posed by speeding traffic, I have seen in other areas such as Salford and Bury for example where initially well intended "filters" have had the following effects:

a) they have created a new local hangout for ne'er do wells.

b) they have created an easy escape route for motorcycle (or rather moped) joyriders

c) they created a dump and run venue for car thieves/joyriders

d) previous roads which were safe to walk down because of the through traffic and "witnesses" have become no go areas after dark due to the lack of road usage.

All I want is confirmation that the local police have been consulted about these specifically identified concerns and that the government guidance does not apply in the case.  The reasons why it doesn't apply would also be appreciated.

Hi Bee Dad!

Can't give accreditation to my opinion and personal observations, but the planning guidelines which identify the general lack of consideration of crime rates by urban designers and also provide guidance as to how to create safer places was issued by the office of the deputy prime minister and I have uploaded it at the following link.

It's really interesting as it does explain that by allowing traffic after dark for example, you can actually avoid the creation of non-safe spaces by encouraging road use 24-7.

Something worth considering....