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Where oh where has the £200k gone?

Yesterday, I was challenged with presenting facts rather than fear in respect of my concerns over the handling of the Levenshulme Bee Network Bid and a number of those involved in the running of the project.

So Today I present facts on where some of the £200k has gone - ie to the companies owned by the people running the project!

*please note - I will not responding to any comments about this post - but feel free to chat amongst yourselves. The infomation can all be verified within the GMCA and MCC accounts.

The amounts below are those I can find, anything under £500 is not included and also I can only find what I know to look for.

  • 09.07.2020: FOI request made to TfGM for details of LBN project financial transactions
  • 29.07.2020: TfGM responds to request with "No Information Held, and refers to GMCA
  • 08.08.2020: FOI request made to GMCA details of LBN project financial transactions
  • 08.09.2020: GMCA responds to request with "No Information Held, and refers to TfGM
  • 11.09.2020: GMCA & TfGM both receive request for internal review into the handling of the above FOI's
  • 01.10.2020 GMCA Respond to internal review with confirmation that they do have transactional information and that they have now found one transaction:

Payment made from GMCA to MCC:

£195,551.39. This came from the Mayors Challenge Fund

Here is a Timeline of Payments made by MCC in respect of people associated with the Levenshulme Active Streets Project:

As this is based on fact, I can only confirm that £50k has gone to Pauline Johnston, and that £20k has gone to Jon Little.

  • 29.05.2019 : Pauline Johston Forms Company Doers Do

  • 17.08.2020,MCC PAYMENT REF:5101097721,£22,750.00,Doers Do Limited

  • 17.08.2020,MCC PAYMENT REF:5101097721,£2,000.00,Doers Do Limited

  • 17.12.2019,MCC PAYMENT REF:5101066035,£13,000.00,Doers Do Limited

  • 02.09.2019,MCC PAYMENT REF:5101048873,£540.00,Station South CIC

  • 28.08.2019,MCC PAYMENT REF:5101044910,£11,500.00,Doers Do Limited

Funds to Jon Little:

  • 16.10.2019,MCC PAYMENT REF:5101053456,£6,600.00,Bespoke Transport Consulting Ltd

  • 24.02.2020,MCC PAYMENT REF:5101075787,£4,400.00,Bespoke Transport Consulting Ltd

  • 31.07.2020,MCC PAYMENT REF:5101095514,£8,800.00,Bespoke Transport Consulting Ltd