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This is a printable version of the "Active Neighbourhood Vision Map" .  The following description is given on the commonplace website:

"This is the first version of our vision map developed and co-designed with the community, Sustrans and Manchester City Council. The map details all the current measures that we would like to deliver for ‘Our Active Neighbourhood’.
The proposals in this first vision map include: A filtered neighbourhood which will consist of the first 29 modal filters. These will be made up of the simple filters and fancy filters shown on the plan.
The other permanent features of the scheme shown on this version of the map will be developed over the next year and include:
● Proposed new crossings ● Proposed existing crossings requiring improvements ● Proposed School Streets ● Car Bike Ports ● A6 Parklet"
Date Reference
MAY 2020
Published by
Levenshulme Bee Network