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Engagement & Communication
Manchester City Council

So, It's been a while since I posted anything on the site so I thought I would provide an update.

Manchester City Council have paused the scheme "Levenshulme Bee Network," as it has become clear to them that there are still a large number of residents who want to engage with the project and haven't yet had chance.

The project team known as "Levenshulme Bee Network" are no longer directly involved in leading the project and Manchester City Council have appointed a new project manager to co-ordinate things. 

The community have received a commitment from the local councillors that engagement will occur before the trial is implemented, and that consultation will take place throughout the trial.

Sustrans are still involved presently as consultants to MCC, and the active neighbourhood trial is expected to go ahead, although there will  certainly be changes to the initial proposal as a result of a more wide reaching engagement, and also as a result of the analysis of the existing plans by the new project manager.

Although there are a number within the community who believe that Manchester City Council should have gone ahead with the scheme as was proposed, and are actively campaigning to achieve this,  generally as a community, I feel we are pleased about the commitment to wider engagement and we are patiently looking forward to hearing more details about this engagement and about the consultation processes.

At the moment, all is quiet, but Manchester City Council are working hard in the background reorganising and strengthening the project structure, reviewing and taking into consideration all the feedback that was received in recent weeks, along with that already collated, and we all look forward to working with the council to make Levenshulme better for everyone.